Hokkaido “Shirogane Aoiike” Where You Would Want To Visit Over And Over! Introducing How To Get There By Bus

I am Mii Hana. I am in my 30s and love traveling and art. I enjoy planning a trip and that’s when I can concentrate the most. Hope you enjoy my articles. I have been to Hokkaido three times. Last time, when I climbed Mt. Taisetsu, I couldn’t visit “Aoiike” even though I knew I was nearby. This time, I went to “Aoiike” where I have been wanting to visit for a long time. Was it really that blue? Yes, both sky and the pond were blue. Even though I visited the same area last time I visited Hokkaido, I still wanted to visit again, so I highly recommend it….


Tokyo Tower Gets More And More Fun! How Can I Enjoy Tokyo Tower Other Than The Observatory?

Tokyo Tower, a symbol of Tokyo, is celebrating its 60 years anniversary in 2018. Until Tokyo Sky Tree was built, Tokyo tower had been a role as a transmission tower for Kanto area around Tokyo. Even after handing down the role to Tokyo SKy Tree, Tokyo Tower is still a symbol of the city and a place for people to gather and relax. Tokyo Tower has been under the construction for some new improvements. This time, I would like to introduce how to enjoy Tokyo Tower in a non-typical way.


What kind of place Harunire Terrace is? “A fine walking path to spend a leisurely time” in Karuizawa

Karuizawa is one of the most well known resort areas in Japan. Karuizawa has cool summer since it is located 1000 meters high above sea level. It is a famous summer getaway. As for the history of Karuizawa as a summer getaway, when a Canadian missionary, Alexander Croft Shaw, visited Karuizawa in 1886, he was impressed with the beautiful nature and the climate in Karuizawa, so he built a vacation house in 1888. This is the very first vacation house in Karuizawa. After that, Karuizawa became a summer getaway place for foreigners, and eventually many rich Japanese people started building vacation houses. Before Karuizawa became a resort area, it used…


Great views in each season! Daisetsuzan National Park called “Deities’ playground”

After arriving at Asahikawa airport, in the center of Hokkaido, you’ll see a beautiful mountain range through the glass windows. These areas are owned by “Daisetsuzan National Park”. There are mountains whose elevation is over 2000 meters. In the mountain range, there are mountains such as the highest mountain, Asahi-dake, Tokachidake range, and Ishikaridake range. They are called “a roof of Hokkaido”. Even in summer, there is snow on top of the mountains. It makes a great contrast of white snow and blue mountains. In winter, the mountains are covered with snow and the scenery is very mythical and different from one in summer. These mountains are very popular among…


Four remote islands you can go by using the mid-sea road by car! What are the good unknown sightseeing places?

Did you know that there are remote islands you can go by car in Okinawa? It was introduced in “The mid-sea road in Okinawa. I’ll teach you how to spend time in famous sightseeing spots to local spots”: https://thxjpn.com/sea-road-drive In Uruma city, Okinawa, there is “the mid-sea road”, a famous driving spot you can feel like you are going through the middle of the sea. There are four islands, Henza island, Hamahiga island, Miyagi island and Ikei island ahead of the mid-sea road and those islands are connected by bridges, so you can go each island easily by car. Not only access is very convenient and easy but also there…


How to enjoy Mt. Inari and Fushimi Inari Taisha other than just visiting the shrines.

“What is Kyoto known for?” If someone asks this question, most people would answer “shrines and temples”. Vermilion-lacquered Torii gate is also very famous. Fushimi Inari Taisha is a very popular place among tourists from both domestic and abroad. It has been voted as the most popular sightseeing spot in Japan on a tourism website for five years, so it is for sure that this place is one of the most popular sites in Japan. However! I have visited Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto every year in five years, I would like you to know that you should visit not only the shrine but other places including Mt. Inari.


Take a walk on Otaru canal! You can feel the history in a nostalgic port town.

One of the famous sightseeing spots, “Otaru” in Japan. The townscape with historical architectures and fresh seafood meals is very popular. The reason why Otaru became a successful tourists’ place is thanks to a historical background. Around 1888, Otaru was an entrance of Hokkaido and flourished as a port of international tradings. There are many banks and trading companies including Bank of Japan in Otaru. Otaru was once called “Wall street of North”, but after the defeat in war and a scarcity of herring, the town went into a gradual decline due to the economic depression. However, the period of economy depression triggered the success of Otaru. Those historical buildings…


It is like the Buddhist’s paradise! Enjoy the beauty of “Byodoin Phoenix Hall”

Byodoin Phoenix Hall in Kyoto is known as a picture on 10 yen coin. It was built in Heian era which is over 1000 years ago. It has a valuable feature influenced by the aristocratic culture.  Symmetric vermilion Byodoin Phoenix Hall floating on a pond is very beautiful and people from all over the world come to see it.  Not only the building but also the beauty of nature and historical statues of Buddha are worth to see! I’d like to introduce must-see spots in Byodoin Phoenix Hall which has over 1000 years of history.


Summer time is the best! Drive around to see great views and enjoy seafood in Shakotan peninsula

Hokkaido is one of the most popular sightseeing places in Japan. If you are thinking to travel in Hokkaido during summer, I would recommend to go to “Shakotan Peninsula”. It is a peninsula facing the Sea of Japan and takes about three hours by car from Shin Chitose airport. You can enjoy vast landscape and cuisine that Hokkaido is known for.   A beautiful clear blue ocean called “Shakotan blue”, the coastline along cliffs and unique shaped rocks, delicious seafood such as sea urchin…You can enjoy all of them while you drive around the peninsula. Especially on sunny days in summer, you can see a great view of blue ocean…


The Mid-Sea Road In Okinawa. How To Spend Time In The Touristy Places And The Local Places

What do you imagine when you hear a word “mid-sea road”? When I found out the existence of a mid-sea road, I imagined an undersea tunnel like the Tokyo bay aqualine road connecting between Chiba prefecture and Kanagawa prefecture. One of the great driving spots, “the mid-sea road”, is a road which is about 5 km and goes straight across the middle of the ocean. During high tide, there is a shining emerald green ocean reflecting the sunlight in both sides. Also, you’ll see “Henza island” on the opposite shore. This is the best location for driving. Okinawa has a long summer! Even after October, you can still enjoy summer…


Near Narita Airport! Visit “Naritasan Shinsho Temple”, a spiritual energy spot for good fortunes

One of the international gateways in Tokyo is Narita airport in Narita city, Chiba. Did you know that there is a spiritual spot with a long history only ten minutes away by train or 15 minutes away on foot from the airport?  It is Daihonzan Naritasan Shinsho temple.  Normally it is called “Naritasan” or “Shinsho temple” and it is a shrine visited by a lot of people from long time ago. I have a waiting time at the airport I have a connecting flight at Narita airport, but don’t have enough time to go to Tokyo In those situation, why don’t you spend time here? This time, I would like…