Quickly Becoming Popular! Sightseeing Spots To Enjoy Nature And Beautiful Sounds In Lake Kawaguchi

What comes in your mind when you hear the word “Japan”? Samurai, Ninja, Anime…? Don’t forget this one. Mt. Fuji!! Mt. Fuji is one of the few mountains that is beautifully shaped and shows us a great scenery in each season. However, I am not introducing Mt. Fuji mainly this time, but sightseeing spots near Lake Kawaguchi which is getting popular since you can see a great scenery of Mt. Fuji.


Introducing How To Go To Mt. Osore, The Remotest Sacred Place, And Nearby SIghtseeing Spots

Mt. Osoreis located in Shimokita peninsula in Aomori prefecture and famous as one of Japan’s three holy mountains. There are spiritual mediums and toy pinwheels spinning. Some people might feel a little bit afraid of visiting this place since it seems like it is too sacred to call it as a sightseeing place. However, once I visited there, I didn’t feel as nervous as I thought I would be. It was a beautiful place and kind of “a theme park of the other world”.I would like to introduce such place this time.


Introducing The Charms Of An Urban Paradise, Aqua Park Shinagawa

Shinagawa Prince Hotel is located in front of Shinagawa Takanawa Exit. The facility located inside of Shinagawa Prince Hotel with other facilities such as a movie theater is Aqua Park Shinagawa that I would like to introduce this time. The facility is well equipped that doesn’t make you feel it is inside the hotel. There are various things like merry-go-round, dolphin shows, and a bar area so everyone from children to adults can enjoy this place. I like this place so much that I purchased an annual pass, so it is highly recommended.


Sightseeing places around Kushiro. Let’s go to the trip with good foods and Kushiro marsh and other sightseeing places.

Kushiro is the coolest city in Japan. It is in north of Japan. You may think it is not famous place to visit. I’ve visited there, and now I cannot believe why I didn’t go there earlier. It was a lot nicer than I expected. Based on my experience, I will tell you how to enjoy Kushiro in this article. Also I got many information from my friend Dengo who lives in Kushiro.


A City Filled With Romantic Features, Otaru. Explore Mystic Glasses At “Marchen Crossroads”

Otaru is known for canals and the townscape with a nostalgic atmosphere. In addition, glass crafts are also famous. This time, I would like to introduce “Otaru Sakaimachi Street” also known as “Marchen Crossroads” where you can feel the history and there are glass stores and facilities where you can buy specialty products in Otaru. Let’s explore Marchen Crossroads and enjoy the world of glass in Otaru.


To Osakikamijima Island By Ferry! Enjoy A Great Nature In A Remote Island Only Accessible By Boat

There are many remote islands in Setouchi Sea. Recently thanks to the development of bridges such as Setouchi Ohashi, there are islands connected by lands where you can go by car. I went to one of the remote islands,“Osakikamijima Island”, where you can only go by boat. Because it is only accessible by boat, the island is rich in nature and I was able to spend a relaxing “island time”. I would like to introduce fun events held throughout a year, as well as information for great scenic view spots, hot springs and local cuisines.


Round The Noto Peninsula Trip! Introducing Spots For A Road Trip

As for a trip to Ishikawa prefecture, Kanazawa is the popular sightseeing area since Hokuriku bullet trains were built. However, since you go to closer to the Sea of Japan side, don’t you want to go to the ocean area? I would like to introduce sightseeing spots with a lot of charms in the Noto peninsula. Driving is highly recommended since the Noto peninsula is pretty big. Let’s go on a road trip in a great nature and enjoy Noto cuisines!