Sightseeing places around Kushiro. Let’s go to the trip with good foods and Kushiro marsh and other sightseeing places.

Kushiro is the coolest city in Japan. It is in north of Japan. You may think it is not famous place to visit. I’ve visited there, and now I cannot believe why I didn’t go there earlier. It was a lot nicer than I expected. Based on my experience, I will tell you how to enjoy Kushiro in this article. Also I got many information from my friend Dengo who lives in Kushiro.


Great views in each season! Daisetsuzan National Park called “Deities’ playground”

After arriving at Asahikawa airport, in the center of Hokkaido, you’ll see a beautiful mountain range through the glass windows. These areas are owned by “Daisetsuzan National Park”. There are mountains whose elevation is over 2000 meters. In the mountain range, there are mountains such as the highest mountain, Asahi-dake, Tokachidake range, and Ishikaridake range. They are called “a roof of Hokkaido”. Even in summer, there is snow on top of the mountains. It makes a great contrast of white snow and blue mountains. In winter, the mountains are covered with snow and the scenery is very mythical and different from one in summer. These mountains are very popular among…


“Farm Tomita” The 8 reasons why people from all over the world are attracted by Furano Lavender

From the end of June to the beginning of August is the best season to visit lavender field in Hokkaido. When you think of a lavender field, you might think of the famous lavender field in Furano, one of the famous shooting spots in a drama “Kita no Kuni kara”, “Farm Tomita”.  But I don’t know where to see since it is too huge! where is the best place to take pictures to post on SNS? Is there a specialty food you can have only in the lavender field in Furano? I understand sometimes it is so hard to choose because of too much information. For those people, I would…


Not only rabbits! Not only poison gas factory! There are more ways to enjoy Okuno island

When people find out that I am from Hiroshima, they always ask me a question, “Have you been to the rabbit island?”. To be honest, I had never heard about it until 2 years ago. After I looked up, I found out the rabbit island is Okuno island which is located in Takehara city in Hiroshima.  Okuno island and rabbits have existed for a long time, but after SNS got popular, this island got famous as an island you can see a lot of rabbits. Now people from all over the world visit this island.  I went to Okuno island for the first time. I would like to introduce spots…


Introducing The Charms Of ”Shodo Island” Where The Movie “Kiki’s Delivery” Took Place!

Have you heard about a small island called “Shodo island”? It is a small island on Setonai sea in Kagawa Prefecture. Even though it is a small island, there are many charms such as great views, peaceful townscape, beautiful sunset, and delicious cuisines. I found out about this place after watching a TV drama, “N no tameni(For N)”. This is also a place where the famous movie, “Kiki’s Delivery”, was set in. It is so beautiful and rich in nature that the place was often used in movies and dramas. I visited Shodo island to see the places used in “N no tameni”, and I fell in love with the…


2 Hours From Tokyo, Let’s Go To Budo-no-Oka To Enjoy A Peaceful Scenery And Wine

Do you know a place called “Budo-no-Oka”? Even if you don’t know the name of “Budo-no-Oka”, you probably know Koshu wine from Yamanashi, and a town known for grapes, “Katsunuma”. This “Budo-no-Oka” is in the center of the grape town, Katsunuma, and located on a hill where you can look out over the Kofu city and Japanese Southern Alps. It is a spot which has hotels, restaurants, wine shops, and hot springs, so you can fully enjoy the town of grapes, Katsunuma.  In this article, I would like to introduce “Budo-no-Oka” mainly as well as spots where you can enjoy Katsunuma grape town. 

Geisha, Mamefusa, at Gion in Kyoto, Japan: 舞妓、豆房、祇園、京都Kyoto

Do You Want to Feel Extraordinary? How to Enjoy Gion

What comes up to your mind when you hear about “Kyoto”? It could be maiko (an apprentice to the geisha, who’s traditional Japanese female entertainers), old buildings and historical temples… There is a town that you can feel all of them in one place. And that is “Gion”. Good old days of Kyoto’s tradition and culture is still alive in there. In Gion, you’ll feel like you are in a movie. In this article, I recommend where to visit and how to enjoy in Gion. After reading it, Gion will be your first place to visit in Kyoto.


Speaking of Aidu Castle, Tsuruga Castle; History of a tragic castle and its three high spots

Tsuruga castle, also called as Wakamatsu castle, is known as one of the best 100 castles in Japan selected by Fukushima prefecture Aidu, Wakamatsu city.  Tsuruga castle itself was demolished in 1874 as a deserted castle, yet was rebuilt in 1965.  Here, doesn’t anybody think it is a bit strange here? 「Why a castle rebuilt just 50 years ago would be selected as one of the best castles of Japan? Maybe the standard is a bit low?」 Anyways, “the Best 100 castles of Japan” is a list of all great castles in Japan set by judicial foundation of castle building association and its basis of selection are five categories that…

Owl Cafe 3Tokyo

AkibaFukurou – Where Owls Eases Your Heart♥

Have you been stressed? The stress could be due to your job or relationships… anyway, we all need to relieve those stresses. I recommend “AkibaFukurou”. AkibaFukurou is an owl cafe located in Akihabara, Tokyo. It got ranked 2nd place in Japan’s most popular tourism spots 2017 on Trip Advisor. It’s surprising that the cafe was ranked higher than other traditional tourism places such as Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto and Miyajima in Hiroshima. It’s not just a place to pet owls. The cafe cares about both customer and owls and it’s the reason why it got so famous. In this article, I want to tell you how amazing AkibaFukurou is! I’m sure…


Enjoy art on a mountain in Hakone…The Hakone Open-Air Museum

I love traveling and I currently live in Hakone. I have lived in Hakone, an internationally famous sightseeing place, since March, 1996. I even have visited Hakone a couple of times before I started living. I visited Hakone for a school trip in April 1974. I went to Owakudani(a volcanic valley), Lake Ashinoko where you can feel a cold yet refreshing wind, Hakone Sekisho(a checkpoint during Edo era) and then “The Hakone open-air museum”, which I will introduce this time. Under the blue sky and being surrounded by green mountains, there are various art statues and pieces. I was very amazed that there is such a museum in Hakone. I…


3 Places to Enjoy Japan’s Highest Mountain; Mt.Fuji without Climbing It

Mt.Fuji is a symbol of Japan. It’s often proudly introduced as the heart and soul of Japanese people. It stands at 3776.3m and is the highest mountain in Japan. It also is famous for its beautiful view. Mt.Fuji has been the best for Japanese due to its marvelous look. Many people want to reach the top of the mountain, but it takes time and you need to have endurance. However, you can still enjoy Fuji without climbing the mountain. I, Manabu Kato as a travel buff; visited 3 fun places. First, Lake Kawaguchi in Yamanashi, where you can enjoy the view of Mt.Fuji. Second, an amusement park with many attractions;…


Hasedera Temple Where Old History and Faith Dwell

One of the most famous sightseeing spots in Japan, Kamakura city in Kanagawa prefecture. There are more than 150 temples in Kamakura which has more than 800 years of its history. There are various temples such as a temple with valuable Buddha statues and important properties, a temple with beautiful flowers, a temple which is famous for a well-known historical figure, a temple with traditions, a temple with a great view…. If you like visiting temples, you would enjoy Kamakura a lot. Among the temples in Kamakura where a lot of people visit every day, especially Hasedera temple is popular. If you ask, “where is the best place to visit…


How to enjoy Mt. Inari and Fushimi Inari Taisha other than just visiting the shrines.

“What is Kyoto known for?” If someone asks this question, most people would answer “shrines and temples”. Vermilion-lacquered Torii gate is also very famous. Fushimi Inari Taisha is a very popular place among tourists from both domestic and abroad. It has been voted as the most popular sightseeing spot in Japan on a tourism website for five years, so it is for sure that this place is one of the most popular sites in Japan. However! I have visited Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto every year in five years, I would like you to know that you should visit not only the shrine but other places including Mt. Inari.